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   DK-2F 8100 Series - Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

The DK-2F8100 Series are vacuum formers which are fully automatic and high-efficient
system for porduction.
The ability ofregulating heat precisely in each heater with the computerized thermal
control system can from more various and hight-quality products, and using parts that
are standard or above can make your production rate maximized by the guarantee of
durability and operationability.

< Featuress >
1. All the action of maxhinery can be operated with GP touch screen
2. Sheet width control equipment can be adjusted easily by using drive motors.
3. Up and down motion of the metallic patterns adopts hydraulic portional control system,
    which makes noise and impact inhibited.
4. Suitable for mass production of disposable tableware, all sorts of trays, etc.
5. Individual or local heat data values can be input, saved and fetched with the    computrtized thermal control system, which is convenient when the same work is    conducted.
6. Able to shorten preheating time by using a ceramic hollow heater.
7. The heater rises in forming error to prevent sheet from destruction by fire.
8. AC Servo Motor Srive System as a sheet transfer system can transfer as accurately    as it is asked(maximization of sheet transfer by using spike chains.
9. Up and down positioning of metallic patterns, which is the system of proximity switch,    is easy to select the height.




Model    DK-2F 8100
Production items    disposable (cup, trays, vessels, egg trays, lunch box, packing containers)
Size    4,175mm(L) X 2,100mm(W) X 2,516(H)
Weight    5 TON
Forming Pressure    3 TON
Forming Materials    HIPS,ABS,PE,PP,PVC,PET,GPPS
Forming Area    800 X 1000 mm
Forming Depth    150mm/Max.
Shee Thickness    0.2~1.5T
Vacuum Pump    5.5HP 4000L/min
Sheet Transfer Motor    Ac Servo Motor 3.5 kw
Hydraulic Motor    11 kw
Forming Speed    Max. 18 Cycle/min
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