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   DK-USM Series - S-auto HTD" die press

Designed for mass cutting of models such as rubber, fiber, plywood, vinyl, printed matters, sponge, PU, PS, PP, etc used in mats, forming products( expanded and unexpanded ), automotive internal products, puzzles, internal products of electronic products, etc.

Featuress >
1. Free type in stroke distnce( up and down ) within 20~220mm.
2. Free type in pressure 30~210kg/
3. Designed for security centering on an operator.
4. Transfer system of low speed, high speed, and low speed again makes vibration and     noise minimized.
5. Strengthening a slide guide makes accurate balance
6. Two main cylinders mounted makes the conveyabillty of power, the efficiency of cutting, and the expected life span of the machine high.



Model    DK-100USM
Working area    1100mm X 1100mm
The ability of pressere    100 TON
Stroke distance    220 mm 
Transfer distance    1250 mm
Power    10 HP
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