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   DK-TR 3100 - Automatic Trimming Machine

Our automatic trimming machine. DK-TR3100, is the system which is used with a forming machine and makes end items after cutting formed products continuously.
Thismachine was manufactured with precise operationability and durability, so it has hight-speed cutting capabilites and contributes to production lines of factories.

< Features >
1. According to the sign of a former, automatic, single-acting, of manual movements    are performed.
2. Using AC Serco Moter, precise action and speed regulation are easy
3. Able to operate hight-speed consecutive trimming works.
4. With the establishment of LM guide, accuracy and durability are high even in     high-speed cutting.
5. Safety bar which is set uo guarantees a worker's security.
6. An operator can easily judge the number of items with the mark of electronic     counting system.
7. Metallic patterns can be exchanged easily.

8. Setting up thr photoelectric safeguards in fore and rear, risks at the time of working    are reduced.




Model    DK-TR 3100
Size    2400mm(L) X 1400mm(W) X 2100(H)
Cutting Height    150mm/Max.
Weight    5 TON
Transfer Distance
of Forming Product
Cutting Speed    100Cycle/Min.
Cutting area    300 X 1000 mm/Max.
Sheet Thickness    0.15~1.5T 
Transfer Motor    AC Servo Motor     1kw
Drive Motor    AC Servo Motor    11kw 


   DK-TR3100A - Automatic Loading Machine                              (Optional Feature)

This loading machine, DK-TR3100A, is to arrange and load end items made from a trimming machine as much as an operator needs.

< Features >
1. Can use this machine as connecting to a trimming machine
2. The state of operation can be known easily with a GP touch screen..
3. Working hours can be shortened by loading in quantity as an operator fixes.
4. Using AC Servo Motor 1.5kw, prompt and accurate loading can be performed.



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